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Delaware outsources mainframe management and CIO catches breath| Keynote USA

Delaware Chief Information Officer Gregory Lane told StateScoop in a recent interview

5 Min Read

Porter Airlines inaugurates new non-stop routes connecting Montreal and California| Keynote USA

Porter Airlines inaugurates new non-stop routes connecting Montreal and California Seasonal service

6 Min Read

Joe and Jill Biden refinanced their Delaware home 20 times| Keynote USA

Greetings to the cha-ching. President Joe Biden and first lady Jill Biden

4 Min Read

Arizona football team has a 24-hour recruiting monsoon| Keynote USA

Weather-wise, Tucson is in the middle of the monsoon right now. The

11 Min Read

California lawmakers are trying to regulate AI before it’s too late| Keynote USA

Credit: Unsplash/CC0 Public domain For four years, Jacob Hilton worked for one

5 Min Read

Local – With fires burning again, is California becoming uninsurable?| Keynote USA

Thursday marks the beginning of summer, but the first wildfires have already

9 Min Read

Local – Disney employees sue company for failed move to Florida| Keynote USA

Walt Disney Co. continues to face fallout from its scuttled plans to

5 Min Read

Local – Oakley founder sells Malibu mansion for $210 million, state record| Keynote USA

In a historic deal, Oakley founder James Jannard sold his Malibu mansion

4 Min Read

Local – State’s ‘progressive’ policies blamed for housing market crisis: report| Keynote USA

The Golden State has seen some of the highest home prices since

4 Min Read

Local – These California dams need repairs. But Newsom plans to cut subsidies in half| Keynote USA

Stay up to date with LAist. If you're enjoying this article, you'll

12 Min Read

Local – After the fire in Southern California may portend a dangerous summer| Keynote USA

A wildfire that quickly consumed more than 14,000 acres of grassland and

6 Min Read
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